Cyrox Rainbow Scalping Review

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“-Identify the time (example: EST 3:00-3:30)
-Monitor the market using <=1min time frame (use the attached setup)
-Identify the direction of the move
-Jump in and out with higher lots
-You are done for the day within 30-60min (check the charts below)
-Go out and golf

NB! Spend a few months screen time with this setup… If you detect that the price is moving against you — jump out immediately — you will always get better trades later… You can add Rainbow to support and capture big moves (here you can pick the time frame based on your risk capital)… Only use this scalping style with ECN and jump in when you get the spread <=zero… Keep it Simple and Smart… Make Money and Enjoy…”


Create 25 weighted moving averages with the following properties:
WMA (6) – red – flame
WMA (12) – red
WMA (18) – red
WMA (24) – red
WMA (30) – orange
WMA (36) – orange
WMA (42) – orange
WMA (48) – yellow
WMA (54) – yellow
WMA (60) – yellow
WMA (66) – yellow
WMA (72) – green
WMA (78) – green
WMA (84) – light blue
WMA (90) – light blue
WMA (96) – light blue
WMA (102) – dark blue
WMA (108) – dark blue
WMA (114) – dark blue
WMA (120) – purple
WMA (126) – purple
WMA (132) – purple
WMA (138) – purple
WMA (144) – purple
WMA (150) – white – spine

cyrox rainbow

cyrox rainbow

Linuxtroll now offers a paid subscription service & an updated scalping strategy. This can be obtained at


I tried in 2010 for 4 full months, testing out both the scalping and longer term methods. There is definitely potential there for people who’s personality matches his. Cyrinus is a man of few words, and trades using his vast experience and his gut feel to scalp. Unfortunately his minimalist teaching style doesn’t work with my logical learning and programmer trading style. I would still recommend scalpers give it a go –  if you are fortunate enough to glean the meanings behind his words, the rewards are great. For the rest of us, we continue with the journey for knowledge.