Strategy Summary

Strategy #15 Summary - MA Crossover with RSI Strategy

The RSI is a momentum oscillator which measures velocity and magnitude of directional price moves. It helps identify instances of overbought and oversold conditions. When combined with the MA crossover, it can be a powerful tool to prevent over trading.
Indicators: MA, RSI
Time Frame: 1 Day
Currency Pair: Any
Expert Advisor Available: Yes
MA Crossover with RSI Strategy

Entry & Exit Criteria

Full strategy details > MA Crossover with RSI Strategy.

Backtesting Results

Backtesting was performed on the pepperstone cAlgo platform using tick data from server with code converted using

IDTime FrameCurrencyDatesEquity GraphMax Drawdown %Profit Factor
11 HourUSDJPY2016
lots=1, MAFastPeriod=30, MASlowPeriod=100